High-Asset Divorce

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High Asset Divorce Attorney in Coloardo

What I can do

Part of my job as your divorce lawyer is to protect the marital estate. The main objective in high net worth divorce is asset protection. The advantages that each affluent spouse might have for starting life after divorce can easily be dissipated through irresponsible litigation and the churning of legal fees. Fortunately, Colorado family court judges supervise high net worth divorce cases carefully, and there is no point in filing motions on borderline issues to achieve a marginal tactical advantage.

The principles of client service in a high net worth divorce are substantially the same as in any other case, with the primary difference one being of complexity in the marital property and debt to be divided. With my experience, I can help you develop a solid sense of your rights and obligations with respect to such matters as the following:

  • Marital or separate property characterization problems
  • Challenging or enforcing the terms of a prenuptial agreement
  • Treatment of an inheritance in favor of one spouse or the other
  • Valuation of business assets, professional practices, or interests in closely held corporations
  • Division of pensions, IRAs or 401(k) accounts
  • Divorce tax issues
  • High-income child support obligations
  • Spousal support or maintenance issues

In a high net worth divorce case, property division and spousal support issues are usually resolved together, with present and future tax considerations often playing an important role in protecting the marital estate.